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Fitness Watch: The Best Rated Abdominal Exercise Equipment of 2017

Doing crunches or using a balance ball can do a lot to your core, but there’s a way to kick things up a notch! Two-thirds of our population workout at home for comfort and savings.

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Benefits of Owning Ab Equipment

You mean apart from the fact that it can give you the complete Hollywood ‘fit’ look? It plays an important part to stabilize your body and give you better posture.

The abs are the fulcrum of your body and typically if you have a strong core or abs, then you will be strong all over. Why don’t we take a look at how having a strong core can translate into real-life performance and how owning the best ab equipment can save you time and money.

Back Pain

Prevents Lower-Back Pain

Most times, lower back problems are usually caused when there is instability in the body due to a weak core.

When you do abdominal strengthening exercises, chances that you will get lower back injuries are minimized.

Improving Body

Improved Body Performance

When your core is strong, all your movements automatically become much more deliberate and measured.

This is a big part of improved athletic performance for people pursuing sports.


Enhanced Breathing

A lot of muscles work together to enable us to breathe. When you have a strong core, you are able to breathe better because of enhanced muscle functioning.


A Slimmer, Fitter Waistline

As you gain muscle around your core, you will see reduced fat and a much fitter appearance.

Workout Whenever You Want

Workout Whenever You Want

The most important thing is that you can exercise whenever you want. No matter if you like training early in the morning or late at night because you are too busy. Personally, I do my workouts after my workday to empty my head and refresh my body after sitting long hours in front of my PC.

I do not have to jump into my car to go to the nearest gym stuffed with people. I just go to my home gym, switch on my favorite music and start training. That is all! I save time, energy and money!


Nobody Disturbs You

Unless, you do not go to a huge center with hundreds of machines, you will have to wait in order to use the equipment. What is more disturbing, when people are standing next to you waiting to finish your session.

I honestly hated that when I went to the local gym several years ago. People standing next to me and talking about stupid things did not let me concentrate on my workouts.

Saved Money

You save a lot of money!

The prices are very different, but the minimum you have to pay is about $40-50, but usually around $100, for a monthly gym membership. When I went to the local gym I paid $70 per a month.

Of course, it was better-equipped than my home gym, but I did not use half of the machines even once. Plus, since it was not close to me, I went there by car. This way, in the end, I paid over $100.

Saved Money


The convenience of being able to workout from home at anytime is priceless. Not everyone prefers to workout with hundreds of other people, waiting for machines to become available. Going to your basement or your garage and get a quick workout in without anyone distracting you can 

As I said my well-equipped home gym cost me a thousand dollars, the price of 10 months membership.Overall, if you add up how much you can save annually, you will be surprised at how much more advantageous having exercise equipment at home.

How to Use the Best Ab Equipment: Doing it right

Owning the best rated abdominal exercise equipment does not translate to a great bod right away. There are hundreds of complaints online about how a particular equipment caused them to feel pain in the wrong part of the body. The main reason for this? Lack of knowledge on how to use these products.

This is no longer amateur hour, read on and learn how to use your home exercise equipment properly.

Sit Up Bench

Sit up benchAbs bench is the most common and frequently used abs exercise equipment. It is available in almost all gyms or fitness centers as the bench can be used for a variety of exercises. They are useful for both beginners or advanced trainers.
The ab bench is also known as an adjustable sit-up machine, as you can adjust (increase or decrease) the angle of the bench. A steep angle adds more resistance and hence, is harder to work on. Likewise, a wider angle is easier to do and more appropriate for beginners. They assist in strengthening the core muscles.
Lie down with your back on the bench.
Place your feet under the foot pads and keep your arms across your chest, look at the ceiling and crunch. When crunching up, lift your shoulders off the bench, ensuring that you do not lift your lower back off the bench.
Hold the position for 30 seconds. Lower yourself and come back to the starting position. Controlled movements are the key to strengthening core muscles such as the rectus abdominis, side abs, and obliques.

Ab Wheels

Ad wheels   At a first glance, the Abs Wheel seems like a fairly simple machine to work on. However, there’s much more to it than what meets the eye. It looks like a small dumbbell on wheels that you can hold on to at each side.

The movement of the ab wheel works on the abs and develops the lower back. Moreover, the wheels are easy to use and store and can be taken anywhere.  

To perform the exercise, get down on your hands and knees.

Hold on to the abs wheel and roll yourself forward to form a straight line (lift your knees off the floor and contract your abs.) Hold this position for 30 seconds.

Using your abs, (and not your back or hips) pull yourself back to the starting position. It is extremely effective in strengthening core muscles, upper and lower abdomen, obliques, lower back, arms, shoulders, waist, thighs, and legs.

Ab Wheels

Rowing MachineThe Rowing Machine is designed to replicate outdoor rowing with mechanical oars on either side.

Sitting on the sliding seat, users have to row with both the oars. Resistance and speed can be adjusted, thereby working every large muscle group in the body.

The rowing motion consists of 4 moves: the catch, the drive, the finish and the recovery. During each of these moves, you work your legs, shoulders, arms, back muscles, glutes, hamstrings, and quads. The best part is that the core is engaged throughout the strokes that the rower performs.

Increase the resistance to feel the contraction.

Ab Swing

Ab SwingThe Abs Swing is one of those machines that have constantly been disputed about. Does it work or is it just another exercise machine that you should write off? Any kind of abs fitness equipment, when combined with fat-burning exercises and a proper diet will show results.

The abs swing has a pivot seat with handles on either side and is meant to work the lower and upper halves.

Sit on the seat and secure your feet with the straps at the bottom.Focus on your lower abs and contract them as you pull your knees towards your chest. Hold the position for 10 seconds and then lower your legs. The abs swing works your upper abs, side obliques and strengthens your lower back.

Pull-Up/Chin-Up Bars

Pull-UpDid you know that a simple bar can be used to tone your abdomen muscles? You would think that using the pull-up bar will only build your upper body, arms and back. However, pull-up bars provide an intense routine that strengthens and builds your lower, upper and oblique muscles. When using a pull-up bar, one of the best abdominal exercises is the scissor-kick.

Holding on to the bar, raise your right leg in a straight line so that it is parallel to the floor.

While you lower your right leg, raise your left leg simultaneously. Thus, mimicking a scissor motion. This exercise works your lower rectus abdominis, obliques, pectorals, and biceps.

Exercise/Stability Ball

Exercise Stability BallAlthough the Stability Ball is not exactly a “machine,” it is one of the most effective equipment that tone your midsection. The stability ball is a huge and inflatable rubber ball that is used for several purposes, ranging from strengthening core muscles and increasing balance to improve posture, physical therapy, and rehabilitation.

Ball workouts can be used in many ways to train the full body and make daily exercising more enjoyable.

Sit on the ball, as you would sit on a chair, keeping your feet flat on the floor. If you have never used a stability ball before, this will take some practice, as it is hard to maintain your balance on the ball.

Position your arms behind your head and lower yourself backward. Hold the position for 30 seconds and then come back upward, contracting your muscles. The stability ball will strengthen and develop your abs.