AB Circle Pro Reviews: A Complete Analysis

Today's global fitness craze has made the demand for gym and fitness related products higher than ever. Manufacturers are constantly coming up with new equipment to satisfy the growing consumer base.

With so many new options available, it can sometimes be difficult to choose what product suits you the most. In this article, we'll be talking about the Ab Circle Pro and how effective it is.

Ab Circle Pro Reviews - An Overview Of The Ab Circle Pro

Friction Free TrackThe Ab Circle Pro is an ab machine that utilizes the motion of rotation and resistance to work on and strengthen your abdominal muscles.

This ab machine is currently one of the highest-rated pieces of home exercise equipment that are available on today’s market.

The manufacturers of the Ab Circle Pro say that it can burn your belly fat quickly by combining a cardio workout with an abs workout.

You use the Ab Circle Pro by placing your knees on the knee-pads, grabbing the two handles with both hands, and assuming a position similar to on-all-fours.

Then, you rotate your legs from side to side in order to achieve cardio stimulation. The basic position and movements that you do are said to work on your abdominal muscles at the same time.

In addition to this exercise, you can configure the machine to work on your thighs in order to tone your lower buttocks, therefore the Ab Circle Pro is not only an ab machine, even though that is what it is marketed as.

Below are all of the features that the Ab Circle Pro lists:

  • Circular motion targets your entire core – obliques, upper and lower abs
  • 3 levels of resistance
  • Converts to bun and thigh leg toning machine with one simple adjustment
  • Made of gym quality steel
  • Folds for easy storage under beds and in closets
  • Unique Friction Free Track gets your workout off the floor
  • Comes with a “Lose Your Love Handles” guide on nutrition
  • Includes “Express Workout” DVD to get you started

Now, let us go through these points to see if the Ab Circle Pro really has something to benefit you!

Circular Motion

Circular MotionThis motion supposedly has the ability to target your entire core area.

In a way, the twists that you engage in really does engage the upper and lower abdominal muscles, however, this motion alone is not enough to be considered a complete ab workout.    

Three Resistance Levels

Three Resistance LevelsYou’ll be rather limited because the Ab Circle Pro only has three resistance levels available. Most users claim to have been able to reach the third level of resistance after two to three weeks of working out regularly on the Ab Circle Pro.

To continue to strengthen your core muscles, you’ll need to increase resistance. Typical ab machines in gyms offer anywhere from twelve to twenty resistance levels, making the Ab Circle Pro’s three resistance levels look quite laughable.

You might be asking yourself what should you do after reaching the third and final level of resistance that the Ab Circle Pro has to offer.

I can only suggest to you that you continue working out on that level or move on to another workout regimen using another ab machine.

Friction Free Track

Friction Free TrackDespite having a smooth track, a large number of users have complained of pain problems in their knees and back after using the Ab Circle Pro. Users have also complained that you will develop more strain on your arms before you ever get any progress on your abdominal muscles.

The lack of friction won’t be doing much good since you’ll have a lack of knee padding and be subjected to an awkward posture.


QualityAs it turns out, many consumers have had an issue with the quality and mediocre construction of the Ab Machine Pro. The screws of the machine have been reported to loosen and fall out. There have also been some cases wherein the knee pads came off during use, in turn, injuring the user during mid-workout.

A large number of people have also complained about the cheap quality of the rollers that are prone to breaking. The ball bearings have also been reported to fall out.

On the bright side, the manufacturers of the Ab Circle Pro have offered a free roller kit upgrade that you can get by simply calling them.

Folds For Easy Storage

FoldThe Ab Circle Pro does indeed have the ability to be folded up for easy and convenient storage.

You are sure to not have a problem with transporting or storing this ab machine as it is lightweight and it can be easily compacted.

Nutrition Guide

Nutrition GuideThe Ab Circle Pro comes with a handy nutrition guide that is sure to be useful for you if you’re looking to lose weight.

It is suggested that you follow the provided nutrition guide in order for you to get the most out of the Ab Circle Pro!

Instructional DVD

DVDThe instructional DVD that comes with the Ab Circle Pro is a huge plus especially for beginners!

You’ll have no problem getting started with the instructional DVD that is included with the Ab Circle Pro features a fifteen-minute workout for seasoned fitness buffs and a three-minute workout for beginners!

Ab Circle Pro Reviews - The Claim

The Ab Circle pro proclaims on its packaging that it will deliver "real results" and the "abdominals that you've been dreaming of" without "doing a single sit-up or crunch". The packaging of the Ab Circle Pro also claims that it is a "fast and easy way to get washboard abs".

The said claims are backed up by showing the reviews of some clearly well trained, wel- toned men and women.

If you've noticed that your stomach isn't what it used to be due to your age or self-indulgence, then the Ab Circle Pro is the perfect machine to be set up in your home. You can even use the Ab Circle Pro while watching television!

There have been claims by some users of the Ab Circle Pro that they have lost up to thirty pounds just from using the machine daily and maintaining a healthy diet plan. There are other people who claim that the Ab Circle Pro alone decreased their body fat between five and ten percent.

Ab Circle Pro Reviews - The Hype

The manufacturer of the Ab Circle Pro showcases the Ab Circle Pro on their website. They showcase their product on several promotional videos that show models that have aesthetic physiques working out using the Ab Circle Pro.

It would be natural to think that perhaps these models did not gain their muscular and slim physiques from the Ab Circle Pro but rather from years of hard work and persistence inside the gym.

However, the movements that the models are seen to be replicating by using the Ab Circle Pro offers the impression that the Ab Circle Pro will give your abs a thorough workout.

It is really impossible to tell whether the before and after pictures are from really just purely working out on the Ab Circle Pro or from other means.

Ab Circle Pro Reviews - Losing Weight With Your Ab Circle Pro!

You've just bought an Ab Circle Pro because you've heard and believed the claims that it can help you shed off all of your unwanted calories. You know that you should use your Ab Circle Pro regularly, but beyond that, you're clueless on how to properly utilize the Ab Circle Pro to help you lose weight.

You can get an ab workout by kneeling on the machine, holding the handles and twisting rigorously for just three to five minutes each day, but you will have to put in other work to lose those pounds quickly.

Weight loss doesn't just come from abdominal exercise; it also requires dietary intervention, cardio work, and hard training to put you in an energy deficit.

It is only when you burn more calories than you consume will you drop pounds.

Step 1: Revise Your Dietary Habits

Revise Your Dietary HabitsWorking twice as hard on the Ab Circle Pro is not going to expedite weight loss if you’re eating large amounts of the wrong foods.  I suggest that you cut out processed foods and replace them with lean proteins. Round out your meals with small servings of whole grains, fruit, and healthy fats like olive oil.

You can use an online calculator in order to track your calorie intake. You should make it a point to eat five hundred to one thousand calories fewer than what you burn. That way you’ll be able to lose one to two pounds per week.

It is important to take note that when you lose calories, you should make sure that you’re still taking in enough fuel to keep your body going and your metabolism burning healthily.

The average woman should consume around 1200 calories per day, while the average man should consume around 1800.

Step 2: Get Moving

Get MovingWorking out on the Ab Circle Pro counts as a movement but three minutes of movement a day won’t really make a difference if you’re striving to lose weight fast.

The American College of Sports Medicine recommends that you do 250 minutes worth of moderate intensity exercises per week in order to effectively lose a significant amount of weight.

Step 3: Lift Heavy Weights

Lift Heavy WeightsWorking out on the Ab Circle Pro solely is not going to let you build up the muscles that you’ll need in order to raise your body’s metabolism so you could burn more calories faster.

I suggest that you do a total-body resistance training session that works on all of your major muscle groups two to three times a week.

Even if the Ab Circle Pro claims to also tone your hips, thighs, and buttocks – it is not going to offer enough of a challenge to build the muscles that you’ll need to contribute to weight loss.

I suggest that you include moves in your strength-training plan, such as rows, pull-ups, chest presses, lateral raises, dips, curls, squats, lunges and hip hinges to build the muscles needed to allow you to gain a faster metabolism to burn your calories.

Building muscle surely takes time but that time is time well spent as it will be worth it for long-term weight maintenance.

Step 4: Workout With Your Ab Circle Pro

Workout With Your Ab Circle ProMake it a point to pull out your Ab Circle Pro for part of your abdominal workout. It should be noted that specific abdominal exercises do not cause weight loss because they usually cost little energy to do and don’t burn a lot of calories.

Although you may feel your heart rate go up as you kneel on the Ab Circle Pro and twist your body rigorously from side to side, you won’t go long enough to notably eliminate calories and shed off pounds.

You’ll still be benefiting from toning the abdominal muscles that lie below the extra fat. When you do lose weight via exercises like cardio and aerobics, the results of your hard work using the Ab Circle Pro will finally be revealed.

The Ab Circle Pro does a good job in training and developing your obliques at the side of your waist but a study which was conducted by the American Council on Exercise back in 2014 revealed that the Ab Circle Pro wasn’t so effective at working on your rectus abdominis which is the front sheath of your abs.

It would be good to incorporate traditional crunches to your work out in order for you to develop your rectus abdominis muscles.

In Conclusion...

The Ab Circle Pro is a relatively new kind of ab machine that hasn't been around for that long. Many people have questioned the said benefits that you can possibly attain from this machine.

There have been a lot of fitness professionals that have condemned the Ab Circle Pro because of many reasons. Some people say that the Ab Circle Pro is made of low-quality materials the break easily while some people question the effectivity of the exercises that you can do on this machine.

I'd have to say that if you get the Ab Circle Pro and use it as your only workout tool, you'll not be led to the best results. The Ab Circle Pro is a good basic ab machine that can indeed help you achieve your goals but it is not all that it claims to be.

I'd have to give this ab machine three out of five stars due to the fact that there have been a lot of mixed reactions from consumers for this device.

Some people condemn the Ab Circle Pro for not being that effective and for being poorly constructed. Other people praise the Ab Circle Pro and credit the machine for being able to help themselves attain the fitness levels that they're currently in.