The Best Ab Machine – Your Ultimate Guide To Finding The Perfect Fitness Device This 2017

Today's fitness craze has been sweeping over countries worldwide and the demand for ab machines has never been higher than it is today. Whether you intend to sculpt your body or just shed off a few pounds, the best ab machine can help you achieve these two goals without shelling out cash for an expensive gym membership!

What Is The Best Ab Machine That Is Currently Available In Today's Market?

In today's market, there are just so many options to consider when you're looking to train your abs. Every month a new kind of exercise machine comes out that is promoted to give you the perfect six pack! How many of these machines really work and what is best for you?

In order for you to easily be able to select the perfect ab machine, I have narrowed down my search to the five best ab machines that are currently available on today's market for your convenience!

XMark 12 Position Adjustable Decline Ab Bench XM-4416

XMark 12 Position Adjustable Decline Ab Bench XM-4416Ab benches are one of the oldest types of fitness equipment that can be always found in gyms. The latest ones are adjustable which means we can increase or decrease the angle of the board. This way we can change the resistance.

Besides sit ups, we can do a wide variety ab exercises, for instance, crunches, leg raising, and twists etc. It is a truly valuable tool to train the entire core. On the other hand, the best models can be used for any decline workouts.

It is important to buy a sit-up machine which is long and wide enough for you to avoid strains and injuries. You should get one which can be adjusted in many levels in order to increase or decrease the resistance for your needs.

The XMark XM-4416 is the best we found. It’s made from 14-gauge 2-by-3 inch steel, so it’s exceptionally strong – strong enough to handle 400 pounds. The large, four-inch leg rollers are ergonomically positioned to maximize the benefits of your exercises while preventing back strain, and the vinyl covering on the bench is tear-resistant yet comfortable.

There are twelve different vertical height adjustments you can make on the Xmark bench, letting you change the angle of your ab workouts for maximum effect. There’s even a convenient support handle that lets you get on and off the bench when you’re hanging at an extreme angle (you can get as much as 45 degrees out of this baby).

One warning: if you’re taller than about 6’3” or 6’4”, you probably won’t fit without your head hitting the ground.


  • Adjustable ab bench with 12 vertical height adjustments
  • Ergonomically positioned leg rollers reduces back strain
  • Support handle for easy mount and dismount
  • Scratch resistant powder coat finish


  • Small, uncomfortable pads for your popliteal fossa
  • Foam Roller Bar (silver) caps don’t stay in place

Ab Coaster Max

Ab Coaster MaxIf you’re ready to make the commitment to a high-priced machine to help you finally lose those love handles and get your abs into shape, the Ab Coaster Max is worth a serious look.

It’s commercial grade and the same quality as the ones you’ve probably seen at the gym, made from all steel (with steel bearings and stainless steel rails), and its gliders are made from super-smooth nylon (much better than the sub-standard material they used up until a few years ago).

Consumer Reports magazine did electromyography tests in order to measure muscle activity. Their testing proved that the Ab Coaster activates the abs just as promised.

And they do go on to say you can perform other abs exercises without equipment to effectively work them, but if this machine inspires you to workout more, it can be helpful.

Using the Ab Coaster is easy (even though it’s hard work at first); basically, you’re doing hanging leg raises, which is the best way to work your lower abs. You’re just doing them without the pull-up bar.


  • Heavy-Duty Steel Frame, supports up to 300 LB
  • Smooth, bottom-up motion creates constant core contraction
  • Perfect for all fitness level
  • Free-style seat target entire abdominal region


  • Elbow pads are uncomfortable

Stamina Pro Ab/Hyper Bench

Stamina Pro AbThis ab bench is the perfect tool for you to use if you’re looking to develop those rock hard abs and attain your dream body. Reaching your fitness goals is never really that easy but this awesome ab machine can surely help you with all of your endeavors!

It can sometimes be a hassle to go to the gym everyday especially when you have a family and a hectic schedule. The best thing that you can do for yourself is to purchase this awesome piece of equipment to save you time and money.

Working out at home is surely better than working out in the gym because you’ll get to spend more time with your loved ones and you won’t need to spend for those pricey gym memberships.

This is a fairly small and compact workout bench that allows you to completely transform your workout experience and give you that body that you’ve always wanted and deserved!


  • Affordable
  • Versatile and can be used in many ways
  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Can easily be stored


  • Suitable only for people under 250 pounds
  • Could be a little longer

The Verdict

The Stamina Pro Ab Bench's pros certainly outweigh the cons associated with it. This ab bench has all the necessary characteristics that would surely satisfy anyone who wishes to train their abdominal muscles.

Whether your aim is to sculpt your body or to lose weight, this ab bench is the perfect tool for you. Having this awesome piece of equipment in your home would let you spend more time with your family and allow you to be able to save a lot because you won't be needing to have to pay for gym fees and memberships.

I recommend this wonderful ab bench to anyone who's looking to train from home!

Ab Roller Evolution

Ab RollerThe Ab Roller Evolution is an example of a revamp of a product that has been in the industry for several years. The original ab roller was a bestseller and the Ab roller revolution has some added features to be able to help you attain the best results from your workouts.

Doing crunches by yourself without any fitness trainer or gym equipment to help you can be really difficult.  Ab crunches aren’t really that effective if you aren’t doing them properly and you can even injure yourself if you don’t know the proper techniques.

No one likes to go down on the floor to do their ab routine and the Ab Roller Evolution is the perfect tool to be able to help you do those ab crunches with ease and effectiveness to attain those results that you’ve so badly wanted.

The makers of the Ab Roller Revolution claim that you can get pumped, ripped, and powerful with just this one awesome machine. With a strict diet and workout routine using this awesome ab roller, you’re sure to get the best results possible!


  • Durable
  • Well built
  • Great value for money
  • Versatile
  • Comfortable head rest
  • Can add weights


  • None yet so far reported by consumers

The Verdict

I'd have to give the Ab Roller Revolution my nod of approval due to the steady construction, clever design, and the ability of the product to function as more than just a typical ab roller.

I'd recommend this awesome product to anyone who is looking for a tool to help them do those perfect ab crunches to attain the maximum results. This is surely one great product that is sure to be able to help you achieve your ultimate fitness goal!

Perfect Sit-up

Perfect Fitness Perfect SitupPerfect Situp is a device designed to assist in doing sit-ups with perfect form. The device is body-length with braces for both your head and feet.

The Perfect Sit-Up assembles with ease and doesn’t weigh all that much, but the storage will be up to you.  It breaks down in the same manner as it’s set up although you’ll find yourself wanting to keep it intact as much as possible in order to stay enthused about using the Perfect Sit-Up on a regular basis.

The Perfect Sit-Up was generally pretty comfortable all around.  The head rest was buoyant and felt more satisfying than a sink while getting shampooed at a salon.  The hand grips felt firm and didn’t get cumbersome after extended use.  The foot clips were smooth, fit fine when barefoot or when wearing sneakers.

The backrest cushion also padded my contours, but made those back fart noises that you may have heard from the mats you use at the gym.

If you’re new to the whole abs scene, the Perfect Sit-Up would be a great way to get started.  For those of you that already have an established workout, the Perfect Sit-Up isn’t really going to open your eyes to some magical abs oasis.


  • Easy to set-up
  • Lightweight
  • Versatile


  • Some exercises may feel awkward
  • Not as useful for seasoned fitness buffs
  • Has a weird clicking sound

The Verdict

If you're a beginner who is just starting to train your abs, this machine is perfect for you! Seasoned fitness buffs, on the other hand, may not find this product as useful for beginners. People who already have an established workout routine wouldn't really find this product as the magic key to having perfect abs.

For its price, the Perfect Sit-up serves as an excellent addition to your home gym. I would like to recommend this awesome piece of equipment to anyone who is just getting started on the whole abs and fitness scene.

Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro

Perfect Fitness Ab Carver ProThe Ab Carver Pro is something that takes an ab exercise that has been proven to be very effective and puts a product behind it. The makers of Ab Carver Pro claim that their product can help you develop a powerful core allowing you to get that six pack that you’ve always wanted!

This product has a kinetic engine that accentuates your workout by adding spring-loaded resistance and the support that is lacking when you try to work out unassisted. This means that as you extend outward, the Ab Carver Pro provides the needed resistance to engage your core muscles.

Your abdominal muscles won’t be the only muscles in your body that will benefit from this awesome product. The Ab Carver Pro allows you to work on your oblique muscles by letting you slant left and right hence activating those muscles and putting them to work!


  • Easy to store
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Easy to use


  • Can be a little pricey when compared to similar products


The Ab Carver Pro is a sturdy, comfortable, and innovative product. It was created by a Navy SEAL in order to provide troops with a tool to let them achieve the maximum results when they train. That alone should convince you to purchase this ab machine!

You should beware as this product has many knock-offs that many sellers are trying to pass off as the real thing. If you plan to purchase this product, I suggest that you inspect the item before purchasing it to know whether you're buying the real thing!

This is a great product that I have to recommend to everyone who's looking to make an addition to their home gym and build their core muscles. The Ab Carver Pro is surely one product that delivers and it is sure to be suitable for both beginners and seasoned fitness enthusiast!

Weider Power Tower

Weider Power TowerThe Weider Power Tower is a relatively popular and reasonably priced machine that is suitable for being used at home. This ab machine allows you to do a plethora of strength building exercises that include push-ups, pull-ups, dips, and much more!

The simple yet versatile ab machine is sturdy, durable, and easy to assemble! This machine is a good choice for people who wish to be able to do some of the best fundamental exercises that are essential in building core strength!

Why would you leave the comfort of your home and go to the gym where you have to constantly pay for membership fees when you can have this great machine and workout in your humble abode?


  • Easy to assemble
  • Versatile
  • Great value for price
  • Made of quality materials
  • Steady construction
  • Durable


  • May take time to assemble
  • Can't be installed in a place with low ceilings
  • Takes up a lot of space
  • Not suitable for people over 300 pounds

Intex 77 in. PureSpa Bubble Massage Spa Kit

ProForm Ab Glider SportAn Ab glider is designed to make exercising a pleasure. Gliders have a special design which forces you to stimulate the crunch. The complete movement is controlled by the machine while training all the muscles.

It also focuses on the shoulders and the back. As ab gliders are larger machines, you can use them for an entire body workout.

The ProForm Ab Glider Sport is self-powered and effectively a lower-level Ab Coaster and Ab Circle of the same piece of equipment. Similar to the Ab Coaster, you simply kneel on the seat, grab the handlebars, and off you go.

You pull yourself back and forth along the machine’s track to work your core, and can also swivel while you glide in order to work your obliques and other muscles (although the 180-degree rotation function can be locked out if you prefer).

Your progress can be measured on the LCD monitor which keeps track of your workout. You’re not going to be able to do a workout for your abdominals without doing at least some work; the Ab Glider makes it as easy as you could imagine.

The machine is made from solid steel and quite durable, and the seat’s cushion is comfortable on the knees. It’s designed to provide high resistance so that you get the maximum benefit from your workout, yet the exercising itself is low-impact so it won’t test your joints.

And since it’s purely mechanical, there’s little chance that you’ll run into problems with your workouts, as long as you have the desire to tone those abs.


  • Digital workout counter with easy-to-read LED tracks
  • Ergonomically designed soft grip handles
  • Support handle for easy mount and dismount
  • Scratch resistant powder coat finish


  • Not ideal for 5’2” height or shorter

The Verdict

The Weider Power Tower is an exercising machine that is perfect for anyone who is looking to do some of the most effective exercises for building strength. This machine is a very sturdy well-built machine that can last for years if you use it properly!

This is the perfect addition to any home gym and anyone who decides to purchase this wonderful product would surely be satisfied!

How To Use The Best Ab Belt

It can sometimes be hard for beginners to select the right ab machine for them since there are so many available options on today's market. The ongoing fitness craze that has swept the globe has enticed manufacturers to constantly dish out new types of equipment.

The best ab machine for you can be hard to select which is why I've decided to enlighten you on the five main types of ab machines that most fitness buffs use.

Sit-up Benches

Sit-up benches are one of the most common tools that fitness enthusiasts use for abs training. A gym would not be complete if it does not have a sit-up bench. Sit-up benches are suitable for both beginners and advanced trainers.

Sit-up benches help strengthen the core abdominal muscles via an enhanced version of the traditional sit-up exercise. Don't think that sit-up benches are only for sit-ups as there are several other training exercises that can be done with the sit-up bench such as leg raises and crunches.

Ab Wheels

Ab wheels are simple yet extremely effective tools to train your abdominal muscles at home. You'll need to kneel down and move the ab wheel back and forth on the floor. It may seem easy but believe me, using ab wheels require very strong core muscles.

The best benefit that ab wheels bring is the development of your abdominal muscles and your entire upper body.

Ab wheels are also easy to use, store, and you can take them practically everywhere!

Power Towers

Power towers are all around machines that allow you to do a wide range of exercises that develop you abdominal core muscles. A gym can't be complete if it does not have a power tower. You'll be sure to achieve your fitness goals with a proper are religious workout regimen that involves a power tower.

Ab Rollers

Ab rollers are useful tools if you're looking to seriously develop your abdominal muscles. The great advantage that ab rollers boast is that they can support your neck, this is good because you'll be able to avoid strains and be able to perform your exercises correctly.

Most people tend to feel pain and discomfort in their neck when they do ab crunches and using an ab roller can eliminate that problem!

Roman Chairs

Training your lower back is essential and having a strong lower back is critical for any kind of sport. Roman Chairs help protect your back from different sorts of injuries and they also help you get slimmer hips.

The best kind of equipment to train your lower back is the Roman Chair. Roman chairs allow you to do hyperextension exercises and they can also be used for various kinds of abdominal workouts!

In Conclusion - What Is The Best Ab Machine

I would have to say that the Ab Carver Pro has got to be the best amongst the five ab machines that I've selected. The effectiveness, portability, and value for your money for this product is unmatched. With a strict training routine using this machine combined with a proper diet, you're sure to have those rock hard abs that you've always wanted!

There is no doubt that the Ab Carver Pro is truly the best ab machine currently available on today's market!