Road to Sculpting:The Best Ab Rollers of 2017

Are you a fitness junkie? Have you been pouring all your sweat blood and tears for years, aiming to achieve that perfect rock hard, sculpted abs? Fret not, because we are here to inform you the best ab rollers in 2017.

Best Ab Rollers: An In-depth Review

Whether you are a beginner fitness enthusiast or a well trained experienced fitness coach, chances are you have already heard about ab rollers.

Despite them being in the market for a long time, several fitness experts have frowned upon the concept of ab rollers, emphasizing that they are nothing but a gimmick, a scheme that opportunistic companies employ to trick doe-eyed beginners and grab a hold of their hard earned cash.

Because of this infamous image, people have now become apprehensive in buying one, overlooking other products that actually give good results.

ProForm Ab Glider SportHowever, more open-minded consumers have enjoyed the benefits and convenience of ab rollers for several years. According to, fitness companies have revolutionized their products, manufacturing a more advanced, more stylish, more versatile yet more comfortable ab rollers.

Unfortunately, there are also a lot of fitness companies that claim ridiculous results for a price that is very attractive. For the less discerning consumers, they might fall victim to these products and end up with unattained goals and an empty pocket.

These fraudulent companies are the main reason why ab rollers have been frowned upon by fitness experts and mudded down other potential and honest products.

The question now is, how do we choose which among the several ab rollers available in the market? How do we do away with these good for nothing, over the top, ridiculous result claiming products?

Luckily, we are here to help you answer that question by providing you with an in-depth review of the 5 best ab rollers available in 2017. So, without further ado, here are the top 5 ab rollers In 2017:

Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro

Perfect Fitness Ab Carver ProBorn from the mind of a Navy Seal, the 1st entry in our list was originally made to find a more efficient way to strengthen the core and train the men in his command. Because of this, the Fitness Ab carver pro was brought first into action in the Navy Seal with the goal of making more robust, fit soldiers.

The product features a kinetic resistance brought about by carbon steel spring foundation. This allows users to exert more effort as they roll the wheel out thereby producing better results. 

With this product, you don’t have to worry about a strained back as it gives assistance as you return the wheels back into its original position.

The Ab Carver Pro also flaunts a wider dimension making it able to accommodate several sizes of the consumers while providing increased balance, thereby reducing the stress of your lower back.

Another good feature is that it is angled, this gives more stress to the obliques, engaging them more to perform more movement. This gives you that perfect side cuts.

The downward pointed handles give more emphasis on the triceps and lesser on the shoulders. This angle will also give consumers more control as they move about when using the ab roller.

With a price of only $25, This product is definitely a bang for the buck.

With its robust build quality you are assured that it will last a longer time, giving you perfect toned abs even when you already in the 60s. Because of these admirable traits, the perfect fitness ab carver pro landed a spot in’s list of the best ab rollers.


  • Robust build
  • Resistance on the roll out
  • Support on the roll back
  • Wider
  • Digital support
  • Downward handles
  • Extra knee pads
  • Comfortable wheels


  • Limited extension
  • Nonremovable spring

Valeo Ab Wheel

Ab Roller WheelThe second entry in our list is the Valeo Ab Wheel which features a double wheel system with a non-skid track. This feature provides utmost support and stability when rolling the wheel in and out. This ab roller provides more comfort and extra grip by providing a contoured and well- padded finish.

The product also provides better balance and comfort as it has two well-fitted ab wheels. It also provides users with better results by possessing increased resistance for its springs which are of high-quality.

The product is made from high-density plastic.

All these excellent features can be bought at a price tag of $11. Once purchased, you can easily assemble the unit in 30 seconds.


  • Dual wheels
  • Nonskid track
  • Comfortable contoured handles


  • Lesser spring resistance
  • Does not come with a manual

SKLZ Core Wheels Dynamic Core Strength Trainer

Ab TrainerThe next entry in our list is the SKLZ Core Wheels Dynamic Core Strength Trainer. This product is unique as it is actually built by two separate ab wheels. Although slightly smaller than most ab wheels, this unit allows greater control for the users.

The two ab wheels will give the users the ability to isolate specific parts of the core area giving them a more defined cut.

Furthermore, the two wheels give the users the capacity to put more effort in the entire upper body. With this unit, you can choose whether you want to isolate for chest, triceps and even shoulders. This gives the users a more holistic result.

In terms of build quality, the product is made of high-quality plastic while the handles are padded with high-grade cushion and foam.

Moreover, the product ensures utmost support and safety while giving the users ultimate control of their movements. The wheels are also lightweight and portable.

The product comes with an attractive price tag of only $30. It landed a spot in’s list of the best ab rollers in 2017.


  • Two ab wheels
  • Better support
  • Aids in a variety of movements
  • Targets whole upper body
  • Can be used on any surface
  • Well padded grips


  • Lesser spring resistance

Lifeline Power Wheel

Lifeline Power WheelAnother worthy entry in our list is the Lifeline Power Wheel which features a large wheel that has adjustable toe and heel fasteners, allowing users a wide array of exercises aside from the usual planking and push up type movements.

The Lifeline Power Wheel ensures comfort by providing soft foam grips and a contoured thick tread for the wheel allowing you to use it even on rocky surfaces.

The product comes with a foot pedal which provides a more intense workout.

Although with a heftier price of $40, this feature packed ab roller is made up of heavy duty plastic and thick rubber wheels.


  • Larger wheel
  • Thick treaded wheels
  • Nonslip wheels
  • Foot pedals
  • Secure straps


  • Grip can be uncomfortable
  • Grip can be uncomfortable

Iron Gym Speed Abs

Ab WorkoutAs the name implies, this product offers fast results. The Iron Gym Speed Abs uses coil technology to provide more resistance while moving the wheel out. However, it also provides assistance while pulling the wheel back towards your body.

The coiling system provides versatility in moving about while ensuring utmost stability and reliability.

The product is able to work on hard floors or any surface since it features a thick contoured wheel tire. The ultra grip tire provides accuracy while moving with this ab roller.

These features provide more effort in the midsection providing users with the well-desired rock hard abs.

In addition, the product has ergonomic grips to provide more control and comfort. The wide grip also gives more freedom for the user to move around without the hassle of worrying whether you will hit the grips. The grip is also detachable, a feature that is not that common in most ab rollers.

The best thing is that it only costs $15! For that price tag, you get a well-constructed ab roller which provides all the essentials.


  • Thick rubber wheels
  • Well-treaded tires
  • Contoured grip
  • Well padded grip
  • Spring loaded resistance
  • Coil technology assistance
  • Detachable handles


  • Coil technology provides unnecessary support for advanced users

All the mentioned ab rollers provide great results. For fitness enthusiasts, these ab rollers are worthy additions to your home gym or equipment collection.

These ab rollers will target the upper and lower abs as well as the obliques. If we were to choose which among the mentioned products is the best, we would pick the Iron Gym Speed Abs.

Not only does it provide all the necessary features of ab rollers, they come at an extremely low price. That is definitely a bang for the buck product.

It provides a rugged built, a stabilized and balanced wheel rollers that provide resistance while moving back and excellent assistance when pulling back to the original position.

In fact, claimed that this product is one of the best ab rollers available in the market right now.

Best Ab Rollers: Are They Legit?

Most consumers are apprehensive when buying ab rollers because of the preconception that they are all just a gimmick or a scam. Some consumers also have developed a distaste of ab rollers due to past experience with cheap ab rollers they may have purchased online or on TV.

After all, we could not blame them since commercials of these products claim that they give you rock hard abs in less than an hour. A well-sculpted body takes a lot more effort than that!

What consumers need to realize is that rock hard abs need a lot of effort, a lot of cardio and a lot of sweat and painstaking exercises.

Even models or famous fitness trainers have been working out for years before they achieved their bodies. So as same as them, we must work hard to achieve our body goals

So to answer the question, do ab rollers work? The answer is yes. But to attain your well desired rock hard abs you also need to put a restraint in your diet and kill yourself on the track, don’t take that seriously though.

Reducing body fat is achieved through intense cardio exercises, compound or isolated exercises such as using an ab roller and lastly a healthy diet that’s devoid of carbohydrates and fats.

Best Ab Rollers: So What Do They Really Do?

The core area is made up of abdominal muscles which are actually skeletal muscles that make up your triceps and biceps as well. I am making this comparison since more people know about biceps and triceps.

The ab rollers will work on these abdominal muscles by the constant pushing and pulling motion as you slide on the wheels.

Using them won't make your abdominal muscles any larger, they will make them stronger and more firm in the process.

A strong core is essential in almost any aspect of our life. They are like a bridge that connects your upper body to your lower body. Without a strong core, you wouldn’t be able to support any of them.

Also, the core is basically our foundation, and keeping it strong will help us move better in all aspects.

This helps support our lower back as well as the fragile organs in our midsection.

The ab roller will only do the desired effect only if you work endlessly for it. You should use it properly and in a regular basis. You can always use it everyday, even twice or thrice a day depending on your endurance.

Most ab rollers come with a training guide. This will help you perform the necessary steps and positions to help you achieve your desired strong and sculpted core.

Add a healthy diet, one that is rich in the necessary nutrients and vitamins. Make sure that you do eat regularly and healthily since you might suffer from several side effects of too much dieting.

Secondly, hit the treadmill or jog at least thrice a week since cardiovascular exercises help reduce the amount of fat in the abdominal portion. Doing so will also help you achieve a healthier heart and help you avoid cardiovascular diseases which are very common nowadays.

To help you kick start your ab rolling endeavors, here is a video of AThlean-X which provides different steps and procedures to help you in performing the right exercises with the ab roller.