Do Ab Belts Work – A Comprehensive Guide!

You've probably seen those infomercials that show ab belts to be magic weight loss devices that let your lose weight in a relatively short time.

Most manufacturers claim that you just need to wear their ab belts while doing your everyday activities in order to shed off those unwanted calories.

Do ab belts work? I've created this guide to enlighten you on the effects and benefits that come from wearing ab belts!

Do Ab Belts Work For Losing Weight?

ab beltThe idea of ab belts is certainly very appealing. The general idea that manufacturers claim is that you can put the belt around your waist and go about your daily activities like watching TV and then you’ll end up with rock hard six pack abs. This idea sounds too good to be true because it really is!

You can’t lose weight by simply just strapping on an ab belt. If you could do that then everybody would not have large flabby stomachs! Weight loss can only be attained by eating a healthy diet and maintaining a strict workout regimen.

It is important to note that wearing an ab belt while working out can have huge benefits to your weight loss program!

About fifty percent of fat is subcutaneous, meaning that it is stored just below the skin. Wearing your ab belt while doing cardiovascular and aerobic exercises 20 minutes a day, five days a week will leave your body no other option but to burn those unwanted calories.

I have to conclude that ab belts really do help you lose weight but only if you use your ab belt in combination with regular exercise and a healthy diet. The claims of most infomercials and advertisements that you can do little or no exercise and burn enough calories is just absurd!

How Do Ab Belts Work?

The standard ab belt works by using electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) to pass electrical currents through your body causing your core muscles to contract. Small electrodes located inside the ab belt come in contact with your bare skin, sending electrical pulses through your skin.

Because of the fact that muscles run on electricity (tiny electrical signals between your muscle fibers make them move) this means that your core muscles will tense up each time they're electrically stimulated.

The electrical currents that the ab belt provides mimic the central nervous system's natural action is enough to make the muscles think that they're naturally contracting. Ab belts continually contract and then relax your abdominal muscles which in turn gives them a workout.

Electrical muscle stimulation is a technique that has been around for quite a long time already. During the 19th and 20th centuries, medical researchers studied the effects of electronically stimulating muscles via tiny electrodes as a way to train the muscle.

Today EMS is utilized as both a way to train muscles and a medical therapeutic form of treatment for numerous ailments.

It was just recently that fitness manufacturers utilized EMS and took it to another level by offering it to anyone who's looking for a simple inexpensive way to improve and tone their core.

The question is not whether Ab belts work to stimulate the core muscles - it is whether you will attain the results that you are looking for, in terms developing a six pack, or shedding of a few inches of your waistline.

The ab belt has varying levels of success for different users. But, if you do not lose weight from using an ab belt, at least it could help you to support your abdominal muscles and back muscles while you're wearing it for the duration of your workout.

What does wearing an ab belt feel like? I have to say that it feels pretty awkward. If anyone claims that wearing an ab belt is relaxing, they either don't have it set high enough or they're just lying.

I'm not saying that wearing an ab belt is painful, you'll only feel discomfort since you're technically being electrocuted on a small scale.

While wearing an ab belt, it can be more difficult to accommodate bending and lifting simply due to the fact that ab belts can be both cumbersome and restrictive.

While wearing an ab belt, it can be more difficult to accommodate bending and lifting simply due to the fact that ab belts can be both cumbersome and restrictive. While wearing an ab belt, it can be more difficult to accommodate bending and lifting simply due to the fact that ab belts can be both cumbersome and restrictive.

How often should you use your ab belt? Different brands have different recommendations on how long to use their ab belts but most brands recommend that you wear the belt for at least ten minutes to at least an hour a day.

Do Ab Belts Work When You Fit Them Into Your Exercise Plan?

Ab belts work best when you wear them while doing exercises that have been proven to be effective.

You can do several types of exercises that focus on different parts of your body while wearing an ab belt in order to get positive results.

Losing weight can be achieved but an ab belt really shines when you use it to tone, firm, and strengthen your core muscles.

Lifting weights while wearing an ab belt can be done but I personally don't advise it due to that fact that ab belts can be relatively cumbersome and restrictive. Your workout may be compromised rather than enhanced and you wouldn't like that!

I would advise you to wear your ab belt when you're doing cardiovascular or aerobic exercises. Ab belts were specially designed to complement these kinds of workouts to bring out the maximum benefits that you can attain.

Do Ab Belts Work? - What If They Don't Work For You

Many people get disappointed when they purchase their first ab belt and don't get the immediate results that they've been hoping for.

This is a relatively common situation for people who buy ab belts because the manufacturers of ab belts often advertise them to be magic weight loss belts that let you lose weight without any effort whatsoever.

Most people are desperate to lose weight and the manufacturers of ab machines take advantage of that fact.

If you are initially disappointed with the ab belt that you have recently purchased because it did not deliver the results that you were expecting then I suggest that you take a look at the steps that I've listed below.

Step 1

Before you can get the full benefits from the use of an ab toning belt - you will need to lose all of your excess abdominal fat. An ab belt will only do so good versus a certain level of body fat. If you have a lot of body fat in your core area then you should consider fat burning workouts before you use your ab belt.

Which fat burning workout you choose largely depends on your overall level of fitness and how overweight you are. Your personal preferences also play a big factor to your workouts as you'll most likely stick to workouts that you enjoy.

I personally like to work out via cycling, therefore, I tend to stick to that work out even if it is not as effective as other work outs in terms of maximizing short-term calorie burns.

Step 2

Once you see that your fat levels have gone down, you are now ready to focus on your core area to build those six packs.

You can start focusing on building your abdominal muscles by doing basic sit-ups and crunches. As you gain more momentum, you'll eventually go on to doing more advanced exercises on ab machines.

There are a plethora of different abdominal enhancement machines that are currently available on the market and it can sometimes be hard to select what machine is most effective for you.

Today's global fitness craze has enticed gym equipment manufacturers to come up with all sorts of contraptions that are said to be able to sculpt your abdominal area.

I suggest that you should first stick to traditional ab machines like ab towers and ab benches if you want to get full proof results. Ab wheels can also be very useful since you can do a plethora of different exercises with them and they come relatively cheap.

Step 3

You'll hopefully start seeing the effects of your hard work within a few weeks to a few months of working out. This is the point when an ab belt usually makes a difference. With little fat and a strong core, your body would finally give the ab belt the opportunity to show its full effectiveness and potential!

Ab belts always work and are always effective if you use them at the proper time. Your body has to reach a certain level of fitness before it can really reap the benefits that ab belts have to offer.

If you purchase an ab belt and get disappointed because you're not getting the results you want, my best advice to you is for you to continue on your fitness journey and let you body reach the point where it can finally get the benefits that come from ab belts.

How To Use Ab Belts - Are There Dangers?

According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), ab belts may not just be worthless, they may be harmful. Ab belts were never generally approved by the FDA and are potentially associated with a number of side effects which include:

  • Potential interference with planted electrical medical devices such as pacemakers
  • Skin irritation or swelling and inflammation can occur where the belt is applied
  • The potential to cause cancerous lesions
  • Potential harm during pregnancy

There has not yet been a general consensus on whether the ab belt causes cancerous lesions yet. Some people have merely hypothesized that the electrical pulses that ab belts emit have a link to cancer.

Since the ab belt's function is based around electricity, it is generally not advised for pregnant people to use ab belts as the electrical pulses that come into contact with the skin may harm the fetus within the womb.

Skin irritation or swelling and inflammation can indeed occur if you have sensitive skin or you're allergic to the material that the ab belt is made of. It is important to try out the ab belt that you plan on purchasing for a few minutes to see if your skin would react pleasantly or not to the ab belt's material.

I would advise wearers of planted medical devices such as pace makers to consult your doctor before wearing an ab belts is electrical interference may occur.

In Conclusion...

Ab belts have been around for a relatively short period of time yet they have been the subject of much controversy amongst fitness enthusiasts.

Many fitness buffs denounce ab belts at say that they have little to no impact on the development of abdominal muscles.

Some fitness enthusiasts, on the other hand, claim that ab belts have had a tremendous effect on their current fitness levels. There are even a few people that solely credit the ab belt for letting them attain their six packs.

Scientifically, there hasn't been a concrete consensus on the subject of if ab belts work or not. But there has been a general consensus amongst professionals that the ab belts does have benefits in terms of developing the core area.

However, it is generally accepted that ab belts are not really weight loss devices as they are commonly advertised.

A well-developed physique is key to attaining the benefits that come from the use of ab belts. It physically impossible for you to get benefits from an ab belt if you still have a large amount of body fat in your abdominal area, and yes this includes the stomach.

The reason why ab belts are ineffective on plus-sized people is because the electrical pulses that come from the ab belt won't be able to penetrate down to your abdominal muscles due to all the fat that's in the way.

I would suggest that you purchase your first ab belt after you've attained a reasonable level of fitness.

Manufacturers advertise the ab belt as a device for everyone to use but in truth the ab belt is really something that should be used by intermediate to upper-level fitness buffs.

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