How To Use Sit Up Bench: Your Go To Guide To Using Your Sit Up Bench!

If you want to gain the perfect six pack then the sit up bench is the perfect exercise machine for you! There are many ways to use the standard sit up bench and each method has different benefits for your body. I have created this guide to enlighten you on how to use your sit up bench to help you achieve all of your fitness goals!

How To Use Sit Up Bench - The Benefits

Sit up BenchWe all know that working out has a plethora of benefits that are good for both your body and mind. Exercising can bring out the best in us and maintain a strict workout regimen always requires a sense of discipline.

While we all know that having a workout regimen is good for you, it does not hurt to know more about the specific benefits that are present when working out with a sit up bench. I have listed down all of the benefits that you may gain from religiously working out on your sit up bench below for your convenience!

Strengthens Your Core

CoreYour core area is the area of your hips flexors, lower back, and abs. A strong core will be able to help you lift weights and move better. The sit up bench is the perfect tool to improve your core area. With a proper workout routine and a healthy diet, you’re guaranteed to be able to maximize the potential of your core area!

Helps Tone and Tighten Abs

toneOne of the main benefits that come from working out on a sit up bench is the firming up and toning of your midsection. A toned and firm midsection will give you that macho look that you’ve always wanted. You won’t only be physically fit, you will also look the part.

Helps Your Perform More Exercises

ExerciseWith a sit up bench, you’ll be able to do more kinds of exercises than what you would get from just working out from the floor. A sit up bench is a versatile tool that allows you to improve not only your core area but also the other areas of your body.

You’re guaranteed to get the most out of your workout when you use a sit up bench.


supportThere are some exercises like sit ups and crunches that may hurt when you do them on the floor due to the lack of back support. A sit up bench can be handy when you need a tool to be able to support your upper and lower back from the strains that come with engaging in certain exercises.

Comfort isn’t the only benefit that working out with a back support provides. The discomfort that you feel when your back isn’t supported may turn into an injury, therefore, working out with a sit up bench is essential for your protection.

An All-In-One Abdominal Training Station

all in oneWith a sit up bench, you won’t need other exercising machines or more floor space because the sit up bench is so much more than just a tool to help you do sit-ups!

A sit up bench is perfect if you are looking to set up a home gym due to the versatility that it boasts! We all try to save up on the floor space at home, therefore, it is only practical that you purchase a product that has many applications!

Helps You Effectively Target All of Your Abdominal Muscles

muscleMost of the exercises that can be done on the sit up bench target your core area which includes your abdominal muscles also known as abs. With a sit up bench by your side, you’ll never again have an excuse to not work out!

With a proper diet and discipline, you’re sure to get those six pack abs within a few months with the sit up bench!

May Help You Burn Fat And Lose Weight

vegetableIf you use your sit up bench correctly and follow a healthy calorie controlled diet, there will be nothing to stop you from losing the excess unwanted fat in your body.

The sit up bench isn’t only a tool for toning your abdominal muscles and sculpting your body, you’ll also be able to shed off a lot of pounds with this awesome ab machine!

May Give You Six Pack Abs

Six Pack AbsThe core exercises that you’ll be doing on your sit up bench will be able to provide you with the six pack that you’ve always wanted. A strict regimen and a healthy diet is the only thing that you’ll really need if you’re looking to develop your abdominal muscles to the point where you’ll finally have your dream body.

I hope that the benefits that I've stated above are enough to entice you to purchase or start using your long neglected sit up bench. It is only you that's stopping yourself from achieving your fitness goals and getting your dream body!

How To Use Sit Up Bench - Ways To Effectively Get Your Dream Body Using Your Sit Up Bench

While using your sit up bench may seem elementary, a sit up bench is actually a very versatile piece of exercise equipment that can be used in many ways to develop the muscles in the different areas of your body.

I've elaborated below the many ways that you can use and utilize your sit up bench to be able to give you the maximum attainable benefits and results that you so badly desire!

Hip Raise

When you do it, you'll need to raise your hips raise as high as you can. Hold your hips raised for a second or two. The higher you push your body, the better the tension. You must stretch your legs and keep them at a vertical angle.

You should keep your body steady and move only by using your abdominal muscles.

Hip Raise with Leg Raises

This is a more complicated exercise because you'll have to raise your legs. Doing this exercise will allow you to get the most benefits from your workout but it can also be very painful. It is a very hard exercise that requires effort to do.

Crunch on Board

Crunching is a traditional core exercise that is meant to be done for toning the abdominal muscles. Some people use this exercise to strengthen abdominal muscles but I wouldn't recommend it. By crunching on a bench you'll be able to get the maximum results from this exercise!

It is most important that you concentrate on your movement and do it slowly raising your chest high. If you feel pain in your abdominal area, then that means that you did the exercise properly.

You can also do side crunches which are good for your hip muscles. The motion of side crunches is basically the same but you'll be concentrating more on your sides.


There is no question that sit-ups are among the most effective ab exercises around. Everyone knows about sit-ups but most people don't know how to properly do them. When a person looks to train his abdominal area, sit-ups are usually the first exercise that comes to mind.

Many fitness experts claim that sit-ups are among the most important body weight techniques to strengthen the midsection.

Leg Raising on Bench

If you can't do leg raising on a bar yet, you can do it on a bench. Since you'll be lying on the bench, your back and upper spine are held, therefore you can do a full range of motions in a controlled way. If you find leg raising hard, I suggest that you try knee raises.

Trunk Extension

Trunk extensions strengthen the erector spinae muscles that help extend the back and give stability to the spine.

You can do this exercise by lying on your stomach with your knees bent around the end of the bench to secure them. Put your hands on the backside of your head and lift your upper body off the bench until it is parallel with the floor. Hold this position for a second or two then slowly lower your back down.

Russian Twists

Russian twists strengthen the oblique abdominal muscles on both sides of your stomach. The muscles are essential in flexing, side-bending, and rotating the trunk.

You can do russian twists by fastening your knees on the end of the bench and lying on your back. Lock your hands behind your head and perform a sit-up. As you do this, rotate your right arm towards your left knee. After a second or two, straighten your body and lower it back down to the bench.

Decline Chest Press

This exercise activates your pectoralis major muscle. This muscle which is the bulkiest in the chest, provides stability to the front part of the shoulder joint.

To do a declining chest press you should lie on your back with your knees secured to the sit-up bench rollers. Hold a dumbbell in each hand and bring your arms out to shoulder level and bend both elbows to a ninety-degree angle. Then, extend your elbows and push the weights straight up to the air and slowly back down again.

How To Use Sit Up Bench - Precautions That Should be Taken

When doing the exercises that I've listed above, you should perform two to four sets of ten repetitions of each exercise. I suggest that you complete this regimen two to three times a week to attain the best results.

It is only natural that you'll experience muscular fatigue or a burning sensation when you work out with a sit-up bench. While it is normal to feel pain when exercising, you should pace yourself as you may strain your muscles too much and unintentionally injure yourself.

Most fitness experts suggest that you should consult your doctor before you take up a serious daily workout regimen to be on the safe side.

In Conclusion...

A sit up bench is the go to exercising machine if you're looking to develop your core area. Sit up benches are usually found in the gym as no gym would be complete without one! If you live a busy lifestyle wherein you can't regularly go to the gym, I suggest that you purchase a sit up bench immediately.

A sit up bench is perfect for home use due to the many exercises that could be done with it. You won't

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