Slendertone Ab Belt Reviews: Which Slendertone Belt Is the Best?

There are many options out there for toning and tightening abs. There are workout programs, supplements, belts, and more. The options are endless. The main thing is that you can find something that works for you!

Ab Belts Comparison: Slendertone Ab Belt Reviews

Slendertone have a long history of developing electronic muscle stimulation technology and this technical expertise is utilized in these easy to use unisex abs toning belts.

Slendertone Flex ABS3 Abdominal Muscle Toner

Slendertone Abs3The Slendertone Flex ABS3 Toning Belt is a battery operated abdominal belt that will strengthen and tone your abs. Simply wear the belt five times a week and you’ll start to notice the results in just eight weeks.

This low to mid priced belt uses Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) Technology which activates the body’s natural muscle movement, ensuring all muscles contract, stimulating the nerves supplying each muscle group.

The belt has seven different toning programs which auto advance as you move through the workout. There are a total of 100 intensity levels (ranging from 0 to 99) allowing you to manage the workout your way.

This ensures both comfort and the optimum workout for you. With a three pad placement system, the muscles are specifically targeted and a 20-minute toning session can be the equivalent of performing 120 sit-ups.

This item compares favorably to other belts in terms of cost. There are lower cost belts on the market, but you may not find the range of programs and a large number of intensity levels found in this belt. Slendertone parent company, Bio-Medical Research has been designing EMS devices for more than 50 years, ensuring a high level of quality.

Reviews of the belt have been largely positive, earning an average of four stars out of five.  The majority of users report that they are pleased with the belt, stating that it is easy to use and that they are noticing a difference after prolonged use – one user stating that everyone in the house was using it! A small number of users have complained about the cost of the replacement pads.

The Slendertone Flex Abs3 Ab Toning Belt is a perfect piece of fitness equipment for use in the home. Simply place it around your waist and you’ll be doing the equivalent of an abs workout, even if watching the TV or reading a book. With variable intensity levels and programs, use this for 8 weeks and you’ll notice your abs strengthening and toning.


  • FDA Cleared
  • 99 Intensity Levels
  • 7 Programs
  • Ideal for all fitness levels
  • 2 Year Warranty


  • Battery Operated
  • Inconsistencies with the product quality
  • Not wide enough

Slendertone ABS6 Abdominal Muscle Toner

Slendertone Abs6I’ve reviewed the Slendertone Abs3, which is the same as the Slendertone Abs6, but the Abs6 has rechargeable batteries. They both offer 7 programs levels and the same intensity level of 99. Of the current Slendertone Abdominal Toner models, there are only a few differences between them.

If you want a rechargeable option, the only option is the Abs 6. It differs from the Abs3 and the Abs5 design with the controls on a wire and not mounted to the belt. The Abs5 offers the greatest intensity level at 130 and 10 programs, so if the intensity level is most important to you, that is the one to get.

The Abs3 is a base model that is essentially the Abs6 without rechargeable batteries.

The very first thing you need to know about this (or any) abdominal exerciser is that without a low body fat percentage, you will not have the abs of the models you see on the packaging of the Slendertone. Moving along, if you are at a low body fat percentage, the Slendertone will strengthen and build your abs.

In fact, if you are not at a low percentage, it can still do the same, you just won’t see them. There is no such thing as spot reducing, fat is burned from stores in your body and it you can’t change where it comes from. To have nice abs, it’s a two-part equation: increase the size of your abdominal muscles and reduce the fat around them so they can be seen.

If your goal is to build and strengthen your abs/core, the Slendertone can help you do that. If you want washboard abs, 95% of your results are on you and not on the Slendertone. Your diet will make your abs show, or as they say in the gym, “Abs are made in the kitchen”.

TL;DR: The Slendertone does what it claims to do, but you have to do your part to reach your goals.


  • FDA Cleared
  • Rechargeable
  • 99 Intensity Levels
  • 7 Programs
  • Ideal for all fitness levels
  • 2-Year Warranty


  • Not wide enough
  • Charge does not hold longer than one session

Slendertone ABS7 Abdominal Muscle Toner

Slendertone Abs7The Slendertone Abs7 muscle toner belt is truly comfortable to wear; there are no rough seams and it is easy to place on your body -no assistance required. The gels will certainly feel chilly on your skin but warm up within seconds and while you may think they will stick to your skin when you remove the belt, there is no residue left behind.

This is a major selling point for me because this allows you to wear the Slendertone Abs7 anywhere.

The Slendertone Abs7 has ten toning programs that you work through by wearing the belt five days a week.  When you start, you start at level 1 and find your comfort level where your abs start contracting.  The programs run from 20-30 minutes for the seven out of ten levels that you do when not doing any physical activity.

There are two to ten sessions at each level until you get to be a pro at level 6. Levels 8-10 are for when you are doing physical activity if you want to really take things up a notch.  You can even use the belt when doing crunch exercises for the highest two levels.  The belt will progress you through the levels in order while you simply adjust the intensity level.

The Slendertone Abs7 Toning Belt works. Period.

It does what it claims to do and it is so easy to use; given those factors, it would be hard for someone to not get results. Plus with a two-year guarantee backing it up, I feel good knowing the company will stand behind it if something happens to it.


  • FDA Cleared
  • Rechargeable
  • 150 Intensity Levels
  • 10 Programs (3 of which are Active Programs)
  • Ideal for all fitness levels
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Charge holds better than ABS6


  • Not wide enough, but this is the widest among all Slendertone Belts
  • Pads don’t last long enough

Slendertone Connect Abs

SlendertoneThe Slendertone Connect is the latest generation of ab belt with an understanding that these days our smartphones have become an integral part of our fitness regimes. With the Slendertone Connect Abs, you’re able to control your ab workout directly from your phone using the Slendertone app, track your progress, set reminders and more – the future of at home ab workouts is here guys.

The belt itself feels less flexible than the original but is a lot more convenient without any wires or bulky controllers. The battery pack clips straight onto your belt and with a push of a button you’re connected and ready to train.

You can control the intensity of your belt from the belt itself or by sliding up the control on your app and by choosing the program that fits your needs it pretty much does it all for you.

The Connect Abs consists of a small control unit that attaches to a waist belt. On the other side of the belt are three pads to which you attach the conductive gel pads. A pack is included out of the box and this should last 20 to 30 uses.

The best thing about the Slendertone Connect Abs is the battery life – regardless of the other awesome features it has, this alone would make me recommend the connect over any other belt.

The battery on my old ab belt used to last around 3 sessions before it needed a charge, with the connect I could go to 8 or 9 sessions before it needed to be plugged in which is a huge plus point.


  • Rechargeable (or control via the App)
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Companion app to monitor progress (Available for both iOS and Android)
  • Programs and intensity levels are customizable
  • FDA Cleared
  • 2-Year Warranty
  • Good battery life


  • Not wide enough, smallest range among all Slendertone Belts
  • Can’t control each electrode separately
  • Positioning can be quite fiddly
  • No proper training reminders

Slendertone Ab Belt Reviews: Can I Trust Slendertone?

Slendertone is an electrical muscle stimulation device (EMS). This means that a mild electrical current produced by the device forces involuntary contractions from your muscles. Advertisements for commercial EMS systems, including Slendertone, claim these devices will help tone and strengthen muscles.

However, there is little consensus in the medical community regarding EMS devices. Although muscle contraction is the key factor is building muscle mass, the question becomes: Does Slendertone offer a way to effectively work out and improve muscle tone?

Advantages: Slendertone Ab Belt Reviews

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates the marketing and sale of EMS devices. The agency admits that EMS products, such as Slendertone, do help to strengthen and tone muscles. However, manufacturers, including Biomedical Research, must provide documentation to the FDA of the safety and effectiveness of their products before retailing in the United States.

Slendertone uses gel patches to protect the skin from burns, a concern with electrical exercise units.

The gel also serves as a conductor for the current. The basic layout of Slendertone is derived from technology used in similar therapeutic devices for muscle rehabilitation that has proven effective. In 2002, the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research and The University of Wisconsin published the results of a trial testing the effectiveness of EMS devices to improve muscle strength and decrease body weight.

Students in the study filled out questionnaires regarding the experience. Many participants concluded that they felt a difference after using the exerciser.

Disadvantages: Slendertone Ab Belt Reviews

Safety often becomes a factor with stimulation devices. The FDA states that multiple accounts of burns, shocks, and irritation have been attributed to EMS units, although they do not mention Slendertone specifically.

The sensation of electrical stimulation may be uncomfortable for some individuals. Additionally, EMS devices do not work well for those who are obese as the fat layers interfere with muscle contraction.

Conclusion: Should I Use Slendertone? Which Slendertone Belt Is The Best?

For an EMS device, the design of Slendertone is well-researched and possibly helpful for the right person. For a fit individual, it may improve muscle tone.

Since weight loss requires you to burn more calories than you eat, however, it is doubtful that a product such as Slendertone will help in this effort, as it will not burn fat. Instead, talk to your doctor about developing a diet and fitness plan right for you. The best way to lose weight is through balanced nutrition and exercise that raises the heart rate.

While electrical muscle stimulation is going to strengthen and train your abdominal muscles, promoting growth and development, it will count for nothing unless your body fat percentage is low enough for them to be visible. I can’t really reiterate that enough.

You still need to put the work in, but as a training aid, the Slendertone Connect Abs works well. It improves on some of the shortcomings experienced with other ab belts, namely higher training intensity levels and a rechargeable battery and companion app. The ongoing cost of replacement pads is also reduced with the Slendertone Connect Abs.

The Slendertone Connect Abs is a great training aid that really works – but you’ll still need to put in the work with your diet if you want a six-pack!